Aboriginal Games

Math-Based Games
Mrs. Wrobel asked me to help her find some Aboriginal games she could play in math class with her grade 2 students. Here are the instructions for the five games she decided to play with her class. I don't think that their use needs to be limited to grade 2, however. I think students of all grades would enjoy these games and they do work on math concepts.

Throw Sticks
Stick Dice (Chekutnak)
Stick Game
Stick Guessing (Kutepuchkunuputuk)

Games from the Aboriginal People of North America
A collection of games maintained by the University of Regina's math department. The games are categorized by mathematical content.

Sports Games
Traditional Aboriginal Sports Games
A resource created by teachers in Duck Lake, SK

Living Traditions - Museums Honour the North American Indigenous Games
From Canada's Virtual Museum comes information about a variety of Indigenous Games including a Teachers' Corner where you can find lesson plans.
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