Hillside Community School in the Grand Prairie School District has this page of links all related to Alberta Grade Five curricula.

A collection of links for grade five from Holy Spirit Catholic School in Cochrane.

Grade five science links from Blackgold.

Nature Canada - why are National Parks protected?

Grade five science links from École Richard Sécord in Edmonton.

Math Live from LearnAlberta.

Some Math 4-6 links from École Richard Sécord in Edmonton.

Grade five social studies - all about Canada from the University of Washington and the Western Washington University

A sixteen page newspaper-like document about the history of Canada - also from the University of Washington.

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Canadian Heritage Gallery- "...the most extensive collection of historical Canadiana on the internet."

The Social Studies Project - supported by the Central Alberta Regional Consortium - contains links to websites matched to each of the grade five curricular objectives

Science: Wetland Ecosystems

Science Seekers: Wetlands - Learn about producers and consumers in the wetlands. Choose the easy, medium or hard level of Producers or Consumers and then find all of the creatures and plants in the image.

Wonderville: Rebuilding Wetlands - Filled with activities as you explore wetlands and how to conserve and reclaim these areas. Start by clicking on one of the hot spots to begin your adventure. Learn the basics and then try the challenge and the experiment.

EcoKids: Chain Reaction - An interactive site that shows how a food chain operates.

EcoKids: Acid Lake - An interactive activity that shows what happens to the flora and fauna of a lake exposed to acid rain.

Wonderville: Wetlands Activity - This interactive explores the wetlands to discover why the frogs are disappearing.

Canada - 2014 Habitat Report - This report shows the waterfowl habitat conditions across Canada for late 2014. Click 'Start Exploring' to open the map.

Pond and Woodland Habitats - Collect eight living things from the woods and the pond. Keep going and you can build woodland and pond food chains. (BBC)

Pond Life - Click a creature then find its pair and you will discover a crazy world of interdependence.

The Watershed Game - An interactive way of learning about watersheds.

Wonderville: Kelvin Adventures - When I Grow Up - A fun game to get rid of water pollution. Captain Kelvin now goes underground to save the crops. Help him navigate through five levels to find the pollutant that's killing the plants.

Fun with Food Webs - Complete three different food webs.

Science in Motion: Microorganisms at Work - View the videos of microorganisms (click next to see the second video and then do the scramble activity to check your knowledge).

Climate Adaptations in the Methow Valley - This video explores how beavers and their dams may help maintain and restore their environment.

ZooAction Ann Helps a Habitat - Restore a stream habitat in this interactive story.

The Frog Tracker - listen to the calls of different North American frogs