Hillside Community School in the Grand Prairie School District has this page of links all for the Alberta Grade One curricula.

A collection of links for grade one from Holy Spirit Catholic School in Cochrane.

The Social Studies Project - supported by the Central Alberta Regional Consortium - contains links to websites matched to each of the grade one curricular objectives

Some Math k-3 links from École Richard Sécord in Edmonton.

Mrs. Pshyk's page - The collection of links used in Mrs. Pshyk's grade one class.

Science: Creating Colours
  • Warm and Cold Colours - a way to learn about warm and cold colours. After you learn, there's a game to play to see if you remember.

  • Talking Textiles - The Colour Wheel - Explore the colour wheel and the mixing of colours.

  • Learn About Colour - "Have you ever seen a purple hippo? Learn how colours are created by changing the appearance of William the Hippo."

  • Colour Combo - Explore what happens when you mix different colours together.

Science: Seasonal Changes

  • Dress Elmo for Fall - Help Elmo get dressed for the cool fall weather. You get to choose what he wears.

  • Fall Colours - The colours of leaves depend on weather changes. Mouse over summer, early fall and late fall for descriptions of the changes in each season. Click for more information.

  • Pick a Pumpkin - Learn more about the sound a 'u' makes as you pick and decorate a pumpkin for the fall harvest. Click on the words to hear the story out loud.

  • Season Scenes - Pick a season. Clicking on the magnifiers zooms you in to a season where you can create a scene by clicking the objects on the side.

  • Weather Words - Click to select a picture of one of the four seasons and then add descriptive words.

  • Dress Humpty - Choose the weather conditions using the buttons in the top left and then choose the clothes needed for the weather. Once you have dragged the items to dress Humpty, he will reward you with a smile.

  • Zoe's Silly Seasons - Take a journey through the four seasons and choose the items that don't belong. (Sesame Street)

  • Nut Hunt - Flip over the leaves to find the matches. You need to find the picture and word that match.

  • Weather Transformer - Join the Cat in the Hat and his friends. Drag and drop them into the yard and then click one of the weather buttons to change the weather. See what happens. (PBS Kids)

  • Sticks and the Seasons - Explore the four seasons by rolling and clicking around with your mouse. You can plant seeds, water flowers, feed fish, and hear bird chirps.

Science: Building Things
  • How to Be an Inventor - What do inventors do? What kind of things do you need to do to be an inventor? When you get to the word bones page, click on the dog to test your new vocabulary. There is a short quiz to try too. (PBS Kids)

  • Rocket Builder - Click and drag the rocket parts. Build the rockets to match the plans.

  • Build a Tipi - Learn how many poles to use, what kind of materials to use and other factors in this construction game. (Wonderville)

Science: Senses
  • 5 Senses - Explore the five senses. First you can learn about each sense, then try the quiz to show what you know.

  • The Five Senses - Learn about the five senses in this interactive. Explore what you have learned with the activity.