Clip Art & Animations

Item #1 - Clip Art
This may seem like a silly place to start, but it doesn't hurt to have material that captures our students' attention and still maintains an ethical standard. All of the clip art at this site was created by an art teacher named Phillip Martin who offers it all for free as long as it is being used for not-for-profit purposes.

Item #2 - Animation Library
Still in the same vein, putting an apt animation in your Notebook lesson can really grab a student's eyes and bring them in.

Item #3 - Build Your Wild Self
Okay, have you ever thought it might be cool to have an avatar for each of your students who can appear when it's time for one or more of them to do something? Maybe you want to have the students do their own attendance by dragging their alternate self into the designated area. Or maybe you want to be able to embed helpful characters in your lessons who can be tapped for extra information. The Wildlife Conservation Society of the New York Zoos and Aquarium has created a place where anyone can build their own wild creation. It can get a little crazy if you go all in and add bug antennae, butterfly wings and an elephant trunk, but you can also create regular girl and boy creatures. I use one as my profile picture. It's like my own little secret identity. (Although she is way cooler than I am.)

Item #4 - Says-It
Have you ever wanted to have a movie marquee say exactly what you want it to? How about the writing on the side of a delivery truck?

" image makers allow you to create your own funny photos and graphics - simply type in some text and choose from a few simple options. You can create your own church sign, make an official seal, have your own fire or police badge, and more. Once you've picked your options and created your image, you can use it for whatever you like - save it on your computer..."


Item #5 - ImageChefPut your own pictures into frames or choose one of the message choices and put your own message in...shaved_head.jpg