Educator Blogs

Short for 'web-log', a blog is a type of website that is usually maintained by an individual. It contains regular postings or entries of reflections, commentary, descriptions of events, photos, videos or any other material said individual might wish to share. If someone is a passionate knitter, for example, they might choose to create a blog about their knitting projects although the posts might also include snippets from their lives outside of knitting.

Many educators choose to blog and because the format allows for comments from readers, there are sometimes very interesting discussions. If you'd like to create a blog of your own, I suggest you start with

Below are some of the educator blogs I often read. I hope you will find some of them interesting, as well.

Angela Maiers - an educational consultant from Des Moines, Iowa who always seems to hit the topic I've been looking for.

Bud Hunt (or budtheteacher) is an instructional technologist in Colorado. This gentleman likes to ponder. One blog entry I read, for example, was about what an online school should really look like.

Kevin Cummins has a blog called 'Edgalaxy - Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers'. How could I resist that?

Dean Shareski - When I first started seeing his tweets, I thought shareski was a cute nickname. After all, sharing is caring and I know I'm far from being the only teacher who loves to share the things I find. Well, as you can see by the beginning of this entry, the gentleman is actually named Dean Shareski. He does share a lot of very interesting items, too.

Scott McLeod has a Ph.D. and is an associate professor of educational administration at Iowa State University. His blog, titled 'dangerously ! irrelevant' never fails to make me think.

Ransomtech (Dr. Ransom) writes a blog called EdTechTrek and subtitled 'A quest for learning, unlearning and relearning'. Though he is now teaching in a post-secondary setting, his posts resonate with me.

Will Richardson should be a familiar name to teachers in the Northern Lights School Division. When he spoke to us in August 2010 at our System Focus Day, he challenged us to be the teachers our students need.

The Daily Riff is a different sort of blog. Rather than postings by one writer, the individual in charge of this blog chooses nuggets from around the web to highlight while admonishing us all to 'Be Smarter. About Education.'

Joe Bower teaches in Red Deer. His blog, 'for the love of learning' advertises "I teach grade 6 students in Red Deer, Alberta; I haven't "graded" in 6 years, yet I assess every day." Makes you want to read more, right?

Steve Hargadon writes about k-12 educational technology, web 2.0, educational social networking, free and open source software and the future of education. My kind of guy.

And if that's not enough for you, I'm pretty sure you could find some educator blogs here that would suit your tastes. Have fun!