Math Mecca

Item #1 - Illuminations
If you teach math and you haven't yet seen the Illuminations site, you are going to want to cry. This site has so many activities, lessons and links you may use this as your only math resource for the rest of the year. (Seriously, there is a LOT at this site.) It seems there is more for divisions 1 & 2, but there are things here that division 3 & 4 teachers and students will love.

From calculating the number of outfits that Bobbie Bear can make with a customizable number of shirts and overalls:

To studying the probability of the spread of a forest fire:

From using a pan balance to illustrate balanced equations:

Using ten frames to add and subtract:

Item #2 - Virtual Manipulatives
Some might want to start a philosophical debate about whether pictures on a computer screen are actually manipulatives, but this site offers many different ways to help students visualize the math behind the equation. Isn't that why we use manipulatives?


Item #3 - Math Dictionary
A handy reference for your students listing hundreds of math terms. One click and you have a complete explanation along with examples.

Item #4 - ThinkMath
This is a site from a textbook publisher. Since it is American, it won't match up directly with Alberta curriculum and, of course, the money will be 'funny', but it offers a lot of interesting games and activities for k to 5 like this 'Length Strength' activity that lets students move a ruler on the screen to measure an object.


Item #6 - MathsFrame
An interactive white board math(s) activity collection from Great Britain demonstrating 'a small selection of those available' for sale. The ones on the site are free, so go crazy.
Here's a partitioning activity from the site: