Notebook Files

These should be thought of as a starting point. Take what's here and build a lesson that will work for you in your class.

ECS bar graph
This is a single page file. It is a survey for the kids. In order to supply their choice, they move their names into a table. This table becomes a bar graph as they add their names.

ECS attendance
Glendon kindergarten students show their presence on some type of attendance display. This one is for Christmas. It was created by Jen Wrobel.

Koosh Quiz
To use this file, it helps to have a soft squishy 'Koosh' ball. The front page features a multitude of frogs. A student tosses the Koosh ball at the board and this takes them to a page where you have placed a review question (or anything else you want). Alternately, the student can just walk up to the board and touch a frog.