Sound Clips
Item #6 - Sound Bible
Lots of free sounds you can use for your projects.

Item #5 - FreeSound Project
Once you become a member of this site, you can download any of the sounds created by members. Ethical use means that you will not use them for profit and you will give credit where it is due. This is simple enough since the creator is identified with each sound.

For example, Tomlija's sound of a car starting:
greyseraphim's heart beat sound:
ERH's sound of the wind:
miastodzwiekow's recording of his home phone:

Item #4 - Soungle
This site is a little more limited in its selection, but all of the sounds are royalty-free. They can help liven up any presentation. Check out the buzzes I found:

Item #3 - Soundjay
Again, not a huge collection, but some very useful categories of sounds for you and your students to make your presentations stand out. Here are some babies:

Item #2 - MovieWavs
moviewavs.jpgAt this site, you will find sound clips from hundreds of movies. Beware that you don't want to send your students here. Not all of the movies are appropriate for school. If, however, you want to grab their attention with that clip from Madagascar the kids are using as a tag line, this is the place to find it:

Item #1 - iSpeech
This site is different from any of the sound libraries above. At iSpeech, you can have a computerized voice say anything you type into the box. You could copy and paste the text of your lesson so that students can have it read to them. Pretty cool, huh?