Science Centre

Item #1 - Wonderville
Brought to you by the Science Alberta Foundation, Wonderville is filled with games, activities and videos all matched with Alberta curriculum. An example is the 'Airborne Experiment' from the grade six science curriculum. Dr. Faber helps the kids explore Bernouli's principle.


Item #2 - Science Alberta crates
If I taught Science and I didn't know about this site, I'd be more than a little upset. The Science Alberta Foundation puts together crates and exhibits that can be used by Alberta teachers to bring the science curriculum to life. The crates cover such topics as creating colour, sky science, buoyancy & boats, familiar places in my environment, building with a variety of materials, weather watch, senses, air and aerodynamics, flight, animal life cycles, matter and chemical changes, to name just a few.


Item #3 - Jefferson Lab
Jefferson Lab is a research facility in Virginia which has committed itself to developing science education. Their site has scads of teacher resources, a student homework help spot as well as games and puzzles. Jefferson Lab also puts on various programs and events throughout the year. Unfortunately, we're a little too far to take advantage of those.


Item #4 - Science NetLinks
This site was created by a huge coalition of interested bodies, as the clip below illustrates:


What you'll find at the site is lessons, interactive activities and a mountain of other resources.

Item #5 - Science Up Close
Do you want to know how fish get oxygen, the life cycle of a frog, the parts of a flower, how beaks and teeth help animals eat, how fossils form, what Mendel discovered, what protists are found in pond water, the biomes of the world, the layers of the Earth, the carbon cycle? That's only a small sampling of the 'up close' science presentations for grades 1 to 6 on this publisher site.