The Smorgasbord
In some ways, it feels strange to be making yet another 'collection' website. There are already many sites with vast collections of great websites out there. However, since I've started, I might as well point you to just a few of those collections.

Item #1 - LearnAlberta
This has to be the mother of all collections. If you teach in Alberta, you can't miss this site. If you're looking for any resources for your curriculum, this should be the first place you check. With the search function, you can narrow your choices down as much or as little as you want. Through LearnAlberta, teachers in Alberta have access to all of the National Geographic films and not only that, but most of them have been dissected so that you can call up the exact 33 second clip you need from any one of those films. Tools4Teachers has also been amalgamated into the LearnAlberta site. If you connect to the site at school, you'll have automatic access. If you want to connect from home, you'll need to sign up for an account using your jurisdiction's user name and password. As well, if you want access to the 'teacher-only' areas, you'll need your teacher's certificate number.


Item #2 - 2Learn
Do you remember the Telus project? Are you surprised to hear that it's still out there? This site contains so many awesome resources that I think they don't even know the exact count. The site is divided into grade groups with abc@2learn for kindergarten students, Ready 2Learn interactives sites and IWB resources for grades 1 & 2 students, Kids Love 2Learn with IWB and curriculum-related interactive sites for grades 3 to 6, 2Learn for Teens aimed at grades 7 to 9, Senior High Source for grades 10 to 12, VC with 2Learn for video conference support and program resources, Gateways 2Learning which is a theme-based collection of weblinks, media, classroom activities, VC events and web 2.0 tools, Pour Apprendre is the French portal, 'Net Know-How with backgrounders on Web 2.0 tools, digital citizenship, plagiarism, copyright, safety and cyberbullying, 2Learn Tools - links to a wide variety of productivity and creative multimedia tools and tutorials, Advance - online PD resources to promote advancing accessibility with technology, Parents Want 2Learn - resources for parents of school-aged children, Spirt of Alberta - resources, tools and multimedia for students, teachers and all Albertans and finally the Ambassador Project, an award-winning project on grade 3 Social Studies.


Item #3 - Scholastic
This company has to be a familiar name to you, but have you ever been to their website to check out all of the resources they have for teachers and students? I'm just going to point out the huge section they have of interactive white board activities. The company is American, so a lot of the Social Studies activities don't apply, but their Language Arts section really shines. For example, their Exploring Books videos make kids want to get their hands on the books they feature.


Item #4 - e-Learning for kids
This site is put together by 'a global non-profit foundation'. There are activities or 'courses' for kindergarten to grade 6 students in five (or six) languages. One example is this idiom game aimed at grade 4 students:

Item #5 - Black Gold
The Black Gold School Division has gathered an impressive collection of online resources for all four divisions. It's nicely organized so that if you're a grade four Social Studies teacher, you can easily find the links for those resources. The site includes French resources as well, so our immersion, Francophone and FSL students aren't left out.


Item #6 - i-board player
Another site from Great Britain, promises a plethora of 'free-to use, highly visual, interactive resources for Primary Key Stage 1...powerful teaching tools that can be used on any interactive whiteboard. They are also simple enough for a child to use independently or with support from a teaching assistant.' (I'm just gonna run with their description.)


Item #7 - Smart Exchange