Social Studies Grades 4 to 6 - some online interactives to help support your curriculum

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Grade 4

Sense of the Land

Alberta's Regions - students can click on various regions of the map to learn about the flora and fauna of Alberta

Capital Scramble - students are asked to fill in the missing names of the provinces and territories

The Royal Tyrrell Museum - students can explore the different eras of Alberta and about the life of Mr. Tyrrell

So, This is Alberta! - an interactive comic book that describes the history and culture of Alberta

Find Your Longitude - Nova Online teaches students to calculate longitude

Royal Alberta Museum - Wild Alberta - students can take a virtual tour of six regions of Alberta

Video -The Rocky Mountains around Banff (summer)

Video - The Rocky Mountains around Banff (winter)

Video - The City of Calgary

Video - The City of Edmonton

Video - Muttart Conservatory

Video - The Calgary Heritage Museum

Land of Opportunity - some history on the settlement of Alberta

Discover Alberta's Interactive Map of Alberta

Smithsonian - Prehistoric Climate Change and Why is Matters Today

Alberta, Naturally - Flash Zones (Natural Regions)

The Alberta Images Collection

Finding Our Way Home: Our Changing Landscape - from the Royal Alberta Museum


Jurassic Forest videos

Dinosphere - Meat-Eater or Plant-Eater from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Video - Dinosaur Country

Dig This! The Cretaceous Period - Virtual Museum of Canada

Canadian Museum of Nature - Foot Bones

Canadian Museum of Nature - What is a Dinosaur?

Canadian Museum of Nature - Unusual Suspects

Canadian Museum of Nature - Declining Diversity

Canadian Museum of Nature - Be the Artist!

Canadian Museum of Nature - Dinosaur Tracks

Canadian Museum of Nature - Who's Hip?

Canadian Museum of Nature - Feathers and Flight - comparing the feathers of ancient dinosaurs to those of modern birds

Canadian Museum of Nature - the Dino-Bird Connection

Kids National Geographic - Zipper's Cave Maze

Kids National Geographic - Dinosaur Brainteasers

Virtual Dinosaur Dig - from the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian

Dino Dig! - students can dig up dinosaur fossils and put the dinosaurs back together

Virtual Museum of Canada - The Trace Fossil Mystery - students can learn about these interesting remains - including some scientific mistakes

Getting into the Fossil Record - lets students follow the formation and discovery of fossils


Letters From the Trunk - a virtual train station in Western Canada lets students explore historical letters, maps, posters and images

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village - information about the site as well as videos and images

The Famous 5 - students can read about the lives of five Alberta women who made significant contributions to Canadian history (Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby and Nellie McClung)

The Mavericks - over 700 artifacts, historic photographs, documents and maps from the Glenbow Museum

Sod House Living - students can discover what it was like to live in a sod house

Mokakioyis/Meyopimastisiwin - a site that digitally preserves traditional Aboriginal knowledge

Video - Fort Edmonton Park

Black Settlers Come to Alberta

Virtual Farm Tours - virtual interactive tours of eleven different types of farm (some are in Alberta)

Oblates in the West - information about some of the missionaries in Western Canada

The Land of Opportunity - a explanation of how Alberta came to draw huge numbers of immigrants

Go West! - an interactive site that describes the history of prairie settlement in Canada

Log Cabin Scavenger Hunt - students have to use their problem solving skills to help a girl from a hundred years ago find some objects she has lost

Camp Out - students can help set up a pioneer camp site

Bar U National Historic Site (Parks Canada) - a site that helps students understand the history and importance of ranching in Canada

People of Alberta - an interactive map that can help students navigate to places present-day Albertans came from (includes background information about different cultural groups in the province)

When Coal Was King - lets students explore the history and contribution of the coal industry in the development of Alberta

A Matter of Life and Death - an interactive game about how an airplane was used to prevent a diptheria epidemic (based on a real-life journey by Wop May and Vic Horner)

Video - a CBC video about St. Paul and its UFO landing pad

Alberta's Telephone Heritage - students can read about the history of communications of Alberta


Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village (see above)

So, This is Alberta (see above)

Mokakioyis/Meyopimatisiwin (see above)

Make a Pysanky Egg - students can create a virtual pysanky

Petroleum Play - students can learn more about the petroleum industry in Alberta with online games, colouring pages and a teachers' guide

Grade 5


Canadian Provincial Flag Matching Game - match the name of the province or territory with its flag

Canadian Provinces and Territories Matching Game - match the name of the province or territory with its shape

Canadian Geographic Kids Map Puzzle - put a map of Canada together and put each flag on the correct province or territory

Capital Scramble - a map of Canada is missing the names of the provinces and territories

Canadian Geographic Online Mapping Tool -

Food for Health: Farms Across Canada - students can click on a food item and see on a map where that food is grown

Latitude & Longitude (Rags to Riches game) - students use an atlas to answer questions

Find Your Longitude (Nova) - learn how to calculate longitude

Canada's Treasure Trek - students can navigate their ship around Canada and search for buried treasure all while learning interesting facts about Canada

Canadian Rivers Game - a game to help students learn the rivers of Canada

Canada's Natural Wonders - more than forty natural wonders to explore

Canada's Polar Life - a look at polar life (both plants and animals) - students can also learn about traditional Inuit knowledge

Canadian Geographic Kids: Map-It - students are asked to drag landmarks, provinces, animals and capitals to their correct locations on the map

Canadian Geographic Kids: Online Word Search Puzzles - online word searches with Canadian themes such as rivers, animals, cities, et cetera

Canadian Geographic Kids: Fun Facts about Canada - students can learn some fun facts about Canada

CBC: The Nature of Things - Geologic Journey - "...a sweeping tour of our national pride - the vast, wild beauty we call Canada..."

Natural Wonders of Canada - students can explore a Canadian map to learn about the natural wonders of Canada

Provincial Quiz - students are invited to play a game to learn more about Canada's provinces

Living on Ice - students can play a game to help them learn how animals and people live in the Arctic

Getting into the Fossil Record - students can follow the formation and discovery of fossils

Map of Canada - students are asked to identify the provinces and territories of Canada

Canadian Geographic Kids: Time Machine - videos, images, games, word search puzzles, a history quiz and a mapping activity

Canada's Capital Cities, Provinces, and Territories (a hangman game) - Canadian geographical vocabulary are used for the game

Canadian Geographic Kids: Geodome - videos, images, games, word search puzzles, and 'stuff'

Canada Info - Provinces and Territories - facts on an interactive map


Canada Info - Confederation - facts about the Fathers of Confederation

CBC Archives - John A. MacDonald: Architect of Canada - a media collection about John A. MacDonald

Canadian Confederation for Kids - organized for students to look at confederation from the beginnings to the provinces as they become part of confederation

The Kids' Site of Canadian Trains - students learn about the history and importance of trains in Canada including their role in confederation

Confederation: The Creation of Canada - collection of images, tools, games and resources about Confederation and the creation of Canada

First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics - profiles, photos, games and resources about Canada's Prime Ministers

Canadian Geographic Kids: Time Machine - videos, images, games, word search puzzles, a history quiz and a mapping activity

Famous Five

Famous Five Edukit for Students - audio, video, history, profiles and more...

Canada at War

Over the Top: An Interactive Adventure - an interactive adventure game allowing students to experience life in the trenches during World War I

Armoured Warrior - student becomes the commander of a Sherman Tank in Normandy during World War II

CN Images of Canada: A Canadian History - historic photos of agriculture, aviation, railways, natural resources, industry, people, roads, communications, et cetera

Through a Lens: Dieppe in Photography and Film - film footage and images from Dieppe

Canada and the Second World War: Valour Remembered - students can explore the stories of Canadians who served overseas

CBC Archives: Conflict and War - images and audio showing what war means to Canadians

The Great Depression

The Dirty Thirties - a slideshow describing the beginnings and progress of the Great Depression in Canada

Silver and Gold: Bennett and the Great Depression - R.B. Bennett and his role in the Great Depression

Grade 6

Citizenship: Democracy

Retrospective: A Canadian Constitutional History - students can explore the timeline to learn about our constitutional history over the last 200 years

Explore a History of the Vote in Canada - The Canadian Museum of Civilization offers students a view of the electoral process in Canada, past, present and future

First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics - students can learn about about Canada's Prime Ministers through profiles, photos, games and other resources

Citizenship: Local Government

Make a Better City - students can walk through a virtual neighbourhood and find ways to make it better

Edmonton City Hall virtual tour - students can take an in-depth guided tour of the city hall in Edmonton

Citizenship: Provincial Government

CBC: The Tories at 40 - students can view a timeline of the Progressive Conservative party in Alberta, access audio segments and take a quiz at the end

From Bill to Law - how does an idea become a provincial law?

Democracy in Action - students can explore the gallery, facts, glossary and activities

LearnAlberta- Virtual Visit : The Alberta Legislature - students can explore the Alberta Legislature building with a virtual tour

Race for the Ridings - students can play a quiz-show-type game based on their tour of the Alberta Legislature

Your Tax Dollars' Journey - students can explore what happens to public money

Democracy: Athens

Ancient Olympia - students can make a virtual visit to Olympia, including the Temple of Zeus

Primary History: Ancient Greece - students can learn about the Greek world, home life, growing up in Greece, gods and heroes, Athens, Sparta, the Olympic games, arts and theatre, Greeks at war, the sea and ships

Cultural Map of Greece - a site set up by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture where students can take an interactive tour of cultural Greece, visit museums, monuments and archeological sites

Greece (Odyssey Online) - students can explore Greek objects to learn more about Ancient Greeks and their rich cultural legacy. There is a Democracy section that has information about the beginnings of democracy.

Ancient Greece - Citizens of Athens and Sparta - students can explore what life would have been like in each of these states by following the adventures of two families

Ancient Greece - Athens - students can learn about different time periods in the history of ancient Greece

Ancient Greece for Kids - lots of 'stuff'

Ancient Greece Cartoon Classics - interactive cartoons about ancient Greece

It's Greek to Me - students can play the game to learn about Greek influences on the English language

Democracy: Iroquois Confederacy

Earth Songs - students can learn about social songs in Iroquois communities

Build a Longhouse - students can build a longhouse

Iroquoian Longhouse - activities from the Royal Ontario Museum allow students to explore a longhouse and an Iroquois village with information about the architecture, farming techniques and everyday life

Aboriginal Headdress - ten question quiz to test the students' knowledge of traditional aboriginal headdresses

Create a Virtual Wampum Belt - an interactive site that allows students to create their own virtual wampum belt