Grade 10

Globalization, Identity & Culture

Seven Stories - Visit the Glenbow Museum to learn the story of seven Calgarians who are originally from Southeast Asia. Explore the maps and images.

A Journey into Time Immemorial - A virtual exhibit of an ancient Aboriginal village on the bank of the Fraser River, near Mission, British Columbia. Explore the life of the Sto:lo First Nations people of hundreds of years ago.

National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults - An amazing collection of primary source material digitized and tagged with keywords. Explore the many resources of memorable moments in history.

10x10 Current Events - "Every hour, 10x10 scans the RSS feeds of several leading international news sources..." The result is a record of prominent world events that is constantly evolving.

Nametau innu - a website filled with videos created to share "Innu reality, heritage, and living culture".

Mokakioyis/Meyopimatisiwin - A project working to digitally preserve traditional Aboriginal knowledge in an interactive online environment.

History of Religion - The Geography of Faith and its Wars across History
Five thousand years of religion in ninety seconds? This multimedia map shows the development of four religions across the globe.

First Voices - A web site dedicated to preserving languages of First Nations peoples.

International Debate Education Association - Offers a collection of resources such as forms, blogs, radio, wikis, and other information about the world of debate. It contains an online database of debate topics.

Our Legacy - An exhibit of Saskatchewan Métis culture.

Historical Globalization

Muck and Brass - In this interactive game, you'll have to imagine you are running a city at the height of the Industrial Revolution. Make choices regarding the welfare of your workforce and the prosperity of your business.

Asahi Canadian Baseball Legends - This is the story of the Vancouver Asahi. The Asahi baseball team is an inspiring story of innovation and perseverance during difficult times and opens a small window into Canadian society before World War II.

Where are the Children? - Through this online book, explore the history of Canadian aboriginal children who were sent to residential schools.

A Lost Heritage - Canada's Residential Schools - From the CBC archives, a variety of radio and television clips about the residential schools in Canada.

McCord Museum: Continuing Negotiations: First Nations and the State - An interactive site that describes the beginning of the reserve system in Canada. It's a collection of images with background audio, a brief commentary on aboriginal culture and assimilation.

Walking Together - An Interactive Map of Alberta - This map allows you to choose several options for map background: natural regions, river systems, Treaty areas of Métis Nation of Alberta regions. Then, you can choose the overlay of cities, highways, First Nations, Métis settlements or other places of FNMI significance.

Atlas of Canada: Map Archives - 943 maps from seven previously printed collections. They include all five past editions of the Atlas of Canada, from 1906 to 1995.

Battle for Aboriginal Treaty Rights - From CBC Archives - "It's a battle over the land and its resources. The fight has taken place on the land, in the courts, and in the media. When government and native groups signed treaty agreements over a century ago, neither side imagined the repercussions. Canada's native people say treaties have been ignored...."

The Oka Crisis - From CBC Archives - Audio and video files surrounding the events of the 1990 showdown between the people of Oka and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Slavery in Canada - CBC - The history of slavery in Canada is described in this interactive timeline of events. Beginning in 1500 and ending in 1897, Canada's relatively unknown history with slavery is detailed.

Delgamuukw - A community struggle for aboriginal title - "This exhibit explores Gitxsan governance through a 20-year community event that became the Delgamuukw land title action...defining the relationship between Gitxsan ayookw (laws), adaawk (oral histories) and daxgyet (whief's authority) and Western society's laws." A quiz is included.

Timelines - Sources from History (British Library) - Allows you to explore collection items chronologically, from medieval times to the present day.

History of the World by Objects (BBC) - Explore by location, theme, culture, size, colour or material. Choose a time and you'll be given a choice of objects. Clicking on the object will bring up information.

Imperial History of the Middle East - "See 5000 years of history in 90 seconds." The multimedia map shows the continual change of empires in the Middle East.

Indigenous Peoples - Despite their cultural differences, the various groups of indigenous peoples around the world share common problems related to the protection of their rights as distinct peoples. Indigenous people around the world have sought recognition of their identities, their ways of life, and their right to traditional ways of life.

Interactive Historical Maps - These historical maps represent a number of locations and timelines of different historical events. The maps represent trade routes and interactive close up features.

The Silk Road - Learn about Silk Road people, culture, history, art, religion and language.

TEDEd: The Silk Road: History's first 'world-wide web' - How were goods and ideas exchanged across countries 2000 years ago? This TEDEd video unfolds the history of the 5000-mile Silk Road.

Economic & Environmental Impacts

Breathing Earth - A graphic representation showing up-to-date climate change information, broken down by country. Data includes carbon dioxide emissions, birth rates, and death rates.

Ayiti: The Cost of Life - Play this game to try to help a family of five in Haiti survive.

Global Warming Effects Map (National Geographic) - Select a 'climate impact' from the pull-down menu and move your mouse over the map. Click on the impact topics to see the explanation.

Trade Ruler: International Trade Simulation - As the supreme ruler of an island, you can engage in international trade to make your country prosper. (This interactive learning resource is based on the work of Bertil Ohlin, who was awarded the Prize in Economics in 1977.)

Newsmap - a visual reflection of the constantly changing landscape of Google News.

Gapminder - Explore the changing world using the best statistics on health, income, environment and much more.

The Story of Stuff - "Join Annie as she takes you through the process of how things are made, and informing you of what the hidden costs are and what we can do about it." (

The Global Debt Clock - An interactive map of world debt comparison with up-to-date financial information for many countries of the world. (The Economist)

Ethiopia: Toward Food Security - A slideshow of images describing the drought and agricultural situation in the country as well as recent efforts to improve farmland. (World Bank)

Food Security - A slideshow from IDRC explaining the serious issues of food security and hunger.

An Inconvenient Truth: Geography Quiz - Based on the movie, this interactive geography quiz is a must for thinking about global warming and our world. (Metro Magazine)

World Population - A graphic from CBC showing world population prospects, globally and by continent, from 1804 to 2050. The graph also shows life expectancy and population growth by continent.

Fair Trade Frank - What does Frank learn about fair trade and the purchases he makes? (BBC)

Graphics Gallery: The Most Important Facts about the Global Debt Crisis - A collection of graphic-rich slides looking at different aspects of the global debt crisis.

Europe in Crisis - An interactive map detailing the economic situation in several European countries. (CBC)

World Food Programme videos - A collection of interesting and informative videos about the current food crisis. There are videos about the efforts being made to help those left hungry by natural disasters and other terrible situations.

Protected Planet - Explore the world's national parks, wilderness areas, and world heritage sites. Use the search box or the map to explore different areas of the world. (UN)

Food Crisis - Check out these photos offering a global perspective on the crisis of food shortages. (Time)

Monetary Mania - An interactive game to explore the international monetary system. (International Monetary Fund)

A Developing World - An interactive map designed to provide a glimpse of some of the challenges in developing countries and the progress made toward achieving five of the MDGs. It uses the United Nations Development Programme's human development index (HDI).

The European Union - The official site of the European Union. The EU At a Glance splash screen links to a variety of topics related to the partners of the EU.

Global Diamond Trade - During the 1990s and into the current decade, rebel armies in Angola, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo exploited the alluvial diamond fields in these countries in order to finance wars of insurgency.

Commanding Heights - An interactive historical atlas tracks economic development for various countries of the world.

Edward Burtynsky - An award-winning Canadian photographer whose images represent the impact of industrial processes on the global landscape. See the human and environmental impact of globalization.

Milking It - Small Farmers and International Trade - Compare the lives of two dairy farming families, one living in Wales and the other in Jamaica with this online game.

Fair Trade Games - A collection of fair trade games, most are for in-class play, not online. (Engineers Without Borders)

Trade Rigged Rules - Oxfam International's view on the effect of economic globalization on developing countries. There are several interactive diagrams that explain some of the trade challenges faced by poorer nations.